F. Chiarella – Amianthe Refuge

Situated in a spectacular location on a natural terrace facing Conca di By it is a cosy refuge in brick and stone. Due to its location in a severe environment and the time it takes to climb up to it, it is not recommended for families. It is an alpin refuge because it is placed [...]

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Refuge Champillon

The refuge was designed by Adolfo Champillon Letey, mayor of the municipality of Doues for 39 years (1951-1990) and to which the structure was dedicated on the opening day July 3, 2005. Letey has always considered that the combination of agriculture and tourism was very important to maintain the territory in Doues. The refuge is [...]

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Refuge Prarayer

Situated in the upper Bionaz valley, it is an ideal starting point for climbs, excursions, fishing and trips on mountain bikes in the summer and for ski-touring trips in the winter and spring. The refuge also has comfortable dormitories and rooms, a bar and restaurant with typical Valle d’Aosta cuisine. It is possible to request [...]

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Refuge Nacamuli

The Alessandro Nacamuli, or Col Collon refuge was built at the start of the nineties. There are numerous opportunities for trips and crossings in the area, ranging from two-day trips to long distance alpine skiing lasting from three to six days or more, with cross country routes or crossing routes, which are all magnificent both [...]

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Refuge Capanna Aosta

The Capanna Aosta Refuge situated on a ridge east of the end section of the Tza de Tzan glacier, on the summit of the Valpelline, is owned by the C.A.I. (Italian Alpine Club) of Aosta and is a very interesting destination for all those wishing to savour the temptations of the Alps from close range, [...]

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