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Scoprire la montagna

The alpine refuge, bordering the areas of high-mountain, is the stronghold of human presence while sometimes, being built  at the heart of the mountain, it even becomes a survival workshop. The refuge is a structure built far away from human centers, where humans, and in this case tourists, can stay and get in contact with highly fascinating environments, often only available to expert alpinists and hikers. These environments were the theatre of alpinism history and they keep arousing the interest of those visiting our high peaks, unique in the world: the stories of the first alpinists, as well as the technical development of the discipline. In order to make tourists more aware of the complexity and the charm of the alpine environment, as well as to increase their fidelity to Aosta Valley, we propose to offer a series of activities having as a reference point the refuges of the region and the professionals working on the high part of the mountain. The activity is to be developed in one to two days, and its scope is to turn the visitors into real protagonists of true adventures, of course within the boundaries of accessibility and safety, thanks to the presence of mountain guides. These activities will take place in summer, from the end of June to the first half of September, in relation to the opening of the refuges in Valpelline, and especially during non-festive days.

The aim of the project is to present a complete product for the user: by paying a defined price, the person will enjoy fully organized day(s) and activities.

Some of these initiatives may allow disabled people to take part, together with their caregivers, while others could be adapted to the actual abilities of the participants.

8 concepts are ready:

- Mysterious mountain equipment
- Manovre (di cosa si tratta?) for everybody
- Mountain for kids: first vertical climbing experiences
- Finding the path is not always easy, topography and orienteering for everybody
- Discover the history and location of bivouacs and refuges in the valley
- Guides’ stories: discovering the mountain of the Valpelline through words and steps
- Roped party on the glacier: easy high mountain, first steps with crampons on a glacier
- Mountain photography




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